ESPN: One Giant Leap for Fankind

Interwoven themes of sports, history and technology take you through the changes in my life over 10 decades and counting!

Sports! Adventure! Science! History!

Take a look inside to see who won the World Series the year you were born. Discover the Heisman Trophy winner when you were in high school. Superbowl winners, NCAA Women’s Basketball Champions and many more are here for every decade.

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From the World Series on radio to the very first television, on to satellite transmission and then to wireless everything, my life has been exciting - so far!

This adventure through the evolution of sports, layered over the changes in culture and advances in technology, is the story of my life over 10 decades.

Walk with me with Intentional Optimism as we explore the vast expanse of the world and make a positive difference.


Sports Adventure

Sports cannot be stopped. Even a pandemic couldn’t keep the teams from playing. The thrill of a sporting event is steeped deep in our culture, part of the historical process where mankind carries out the natural laws of human development. Athletes spur each other on to be better, to excel in different ways, to reach the apex of their natural abilities and then surpass the limitations to become true heroes.

Science & Technology

When the athletes and teams reach their peak, they look to innovations in technology to make them even better. The space race brought about exciting new developments that are used in all of life today. The need for better equipment, more exciting experiences for the fans in the stands and on the couch drives the science needed to make improvements. Sports are better with technology.

History & Culture

The world was a very different place in the 1930s. The changes in our culture have been driven by technology, yet the one solid thread through the decades has been our love of sports. From that vantage point, we stand strong together to face the future. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us.

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An absolute sports, history and science thriller. A must read for every sports fan and history lover.

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Truly amazing and breathtaking journey, delivered in a fantastic way. One of the best books of the year.

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